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Emanu El Votes

EE Votes

EE Votes is a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative with a goal of making Emanu El a 100% voting congregation in all elections.

Why EE Votes?

We live in a democracy, and our democracy is strongest when everyone participates. As Americans and as Jews, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to make our voices heard. Throughout Jewish history, our rabbis and sages have framed voting as more than just a civic duty. Voting is a mitzvah, a sacred obligation.

Emanu El is virtually 100% registered to vote. But registering to vote is only half of the commitment, half of the opportunity, and half of the mitzvah. We must cast our ballots for our voices to be heard. So, while the goal of EE Votes is 100% voter turnout for our congregation, our mission is to make it as easy as possible to reach that goal.

Take the Pledge & Make a Plan

Please take a moment to pledge to vote and tell us your voting plan. We’ll send you a reminder with your voting plan.




VOTE411 is a project of the League of Women Voters that serves millions of voters every election as a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information. You can register to vote, verify voter registration, find polling places, what’s on a ballot and more voting information on  VOTE411.org before heading to the polls.

2023 Important Voting Deadlines

Click below for a one-page fact sheet for the November 7 election.


Proposition A

As part of Emanu El’s ongoing work addressing healthcare inequality, we would like to remind you to vote all the way down the ballot and ask you to c consider voting for Harris County Proposition A, the bond issue for Harris Health System. Why this vote matters:

Click here to learn more.

For non-partisan information about the 14 State of Texas Constitutional Amendments click here.

Vote by Mail

As a Texan, you can vote by mail if you are over 65, sick or disabled, or if you will be out of the county during the entire election period (October 23 – November 7, 2023). Anyone in these categories may apply to vote by mail, but you must re-apply each calendar year. If you voted by mail in 2022 and would like to do so again this year.

Voting by mail allows you to fill out your ballot in your own time and from the comfort of your home. However, voting by mail can be complicated under Texas law, so be ready to follow detailed instructions and comply with strict deadlines for mailing your application and ballot on time.

For more information on qualifications/requirements and how to vote by mail click here.

To download Harris County Application for Mail-in Ballot click here.

In-Person Voting

Harris County voters can vote at any Harris County polling place during both early voting and on Election Day. If you are going to vote in person, we strongly encourage you to vote early, when lines are typically much shorter. The lines tend to be longer on the first and last days of early voting, but they are still shorter than election day. Harris county voters can get live information about line times at harrisvotes.com.

While we encourage you to vote early, if you decide to vote on election day, click here for information on:

Verify or Update Your Voter Registration

Click here to verify that you are registered to vote and to update information on you voter registration card including your address.

Have a voting question that isn’t answered here?

Visit Vote411, Harris County Votes or contact EE Votes via email at eevotes@emanuelhouston.org.

Volunteer with EE Votes

Contact EE Votes via email with questions or to get involved at eevotes@emanuelhouston.org.

EE Votes Steering Committee

Sydney Greenblatt – Co-Chair
Elaine Klein – Co-Chair

Rabbi Josh Fixler

Melissa Carson
Judy Feder
Aliza Geretz
Sarah Labowitz
Jennifer Reichek
Marline Rubin
Randi Sonenshein