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Holiday Worship

Congregation Emanu El is your touchpoint to experiencing the seasons of Jewish joy, reflection and celebration. Our worship services and congregational celebrations connect us to the generations before us and unite us in living vibrant Jewish lives today.



We celebrate Passover with a second-night intergenerational community seder, which kicks off the week-long spring festival celebrating the journey from slavery to freedom. On the morning of the seventh day, we celebrate with a festival service, which includes a Yizkor service of remembrance.




This holiday, one of three festivals, celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. On the evening of Shavuot, the service of Confirmation honors our 10th graders who make a public affirmation of their commitment to Jewish life. On Shavuot morning, we observe Yizkor to remember those we have loved and lost.



This joyous fall holiday features the building of a sukkah, or temporary dwelling, and celebrates the bounty of the harvest and God’s role in our many blessings.

On the Sunday between Sukkot and Simchat Torah, “Sukkot on Sunset” is a beloved event, with a community barbecue, arts and crafts, music, fun and games and a brief service in the sukkah.



Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah commemorates the annual “turning the page” of the Torah, when we finish reading the Torah and dive back in.

We honor our students who are beginning their religious education with a Consecration service, held on the Sunday morning closest to Simchat Torah.

In the morning, we read the end of Deuteronomy and begin again with Genesis as the annual cycle begins anew. The service concludes with Yizkor.



Light up the dark nights of winter with our joyful Chanukah observances, including a festive musical Shabbat service and a congregational latke supper.




It’s time to get seriously silly in this holiday for those who love to ham it up. We read from the Megillah, the Book of Esther, and retell the story of a brave queen and her clever uncle who save the Jews. The yearly Purim spiel gives unleashes Emanu El’s acting talent in lighthearted performances. Our Purim celebrations include a carnival with games, food and fun for all.