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Endowment Funds

“As my parents planted for me before I was born, so do I plant for those who will come after me.” —TALMUD

An endowed fund is a charitable gift established in perpetuity in which the principal is invested, and a small portion of the fund’s balance is used in the operating budget of Congregation Emanu El on an annual basis.

Endowed Funds are an essential part of Congregation Emanu El’s annual operating budget and will help sustain the congregation in perpetuity.

You can memorialize or honor a loved one by establishing an endowment fund or you can contribute to any of our existing funds by clicking here.


Areas of Greatest Need

To support the highest-priority programs and services and to provide ongoing care for the needs of our congregation


Lifelong Adult Education

To provide lifelong adult Jewish education programs

Becker School
Becker Early Childhood Fund

To provide and enhance Becker School programs

Becker Early Childhood Scholarship Fund

To provide Becker Early Childhood Center scholarships

Gochman Becker Early Childhood Fund

To provide for Transportation Fair and the librarian in Sugar’s Library

Ronald Brochstein Early Childhood Fund

To enhance preschool education

Helfman Religious School
Shirley Barish Memorial Israel Experience Fund

To send Helfman Religious School high school students to Israel

Shirley & Marvin Barish Teacher Enrichment Fund

To provide training programs for Emanu El teachers

Alan Gaylor Teaching Assistant Fund

To support Helfman Religious School teaching assistants

Julia Kaplan Religious School Enrichment Fund

To enhance Helfman Religious School programs

Michael Spolane Education Fund

To enhance Helfman Religious School programs and provide funds for teachers to attend conferences

Wayne Family Fund

To support programs that benefit children attending Helfman Religious School

Scholarships & Awards

To provide scholarships for attending Jewish camps or programs

Youth & Families

Debbie Gligor Special Fund

To provide programs and services for children with special needs

Jean & Julian Goldberg Children’s Fund

To provide arts programs for children

Alex & Willie Mae Goldstein Children’s Fund

To support the educational, spiritual, physical and emotional needs of children ages 10 and under

Rose Goodfriend Israel Pilgrimage

To help send Confirmation students to Israel

Susman Fund for Family Programming

To support programs for families

Young Adults

Robert Reichek Youth & Young Adult Fund

To provide outstanding programs for young adults

Sol & Helen Laufman, Bill Laufman College Fund

To provide engagement opportunities for Emanu El college students

Sterling Young Adults Fund

To support enrichment programs for young adults


Florence & Ben Blum Leadership Fund

To support leadership development for Emanu El lay leaders, staff, clergy, and the congregation.

Robert I. Kahn Social Justice Fund

To send congregants to the Consultation on Conscience at the Religious Action Center

Esther Shelby Fellowship Fund

To provide food and refreshments for Emanu El programs that bring members closer to the congregation and to each other

Bill & Joan Spitz Presidential Leadership Fund

To strengthen the vision of Emanu El’s leaders

Mystic Flame Young Members Fund

To make Emanu El more affordable for young members

Max & Bertha Pasternak Publication Fund

To provide printed educational and creative materials

Prayer Book Fund

To provide prayer books for worship

Dolores & Buddy Wilkenfeld Communications Fund

To enhance Emanu El’s communications with congregants

Morris & Frieda Wolfe Fund

To support and improve Emanu El’s operations and programming


Sarah & Adolph Blumenfeld KLei Kodesh Sacred Objects Fund

To purchase and maintain Emanu El’s sacred objects

Marianne Greenfield Sisterhood Flower Fund

To support Bima flowers for Shabbat and holidays in the Barish Sanctuary or Proler Chapel

Robert I. Kahn Gallery Fund

To maintain and enhance the Robert I. Kahn Gallery

Jason & David Marcus Playspace Fund

To maintain and enhance the playground

Jason & David Marcus Playspace Fund

To maintain and enhance the playground

Proler Chapel Fund

To maintain and enhance the Proler Chapel

Jay Sterling Children's Library Fund

To maintain and enhance the children’s section of the Stillman-Lack Memorial Library Fund

Stillman-Lack Memorial Library Fund

To maintain and enhance the Stillman-Lack Memorial Library Fund

Barbara & Milton Wagner Building Security and Safety Fund

To support ongoing building security and safety costs


Ablon Fund for the Creative Arts

To provide creative arts programs

Max & Louise Bamberger Memorial Fund

To create and promote programs that strengthen Emanu El’s support for Israel

Fredell Lack Eichhorn Cantor’s Music Fund

To enhance musical programming

Dick Fox Emanu Elders Lectureship Fund & Edis Lewis Parkans Emanu Elders Fund

To provide programs for Emanu Elders

Julie Kronowitz Memorial Fund

To provide programs about religion

Moser Library Fund

To provide library programs

Julius Nathan Music Fund

To provide musical programs

Milton Popkin Lifelong Adult Jewish Education Fund

To promote an understanding of other religions and cultures

Human Services

Riva Bursten Caring Congregation Fund

To support programs that assist people in the community

Clergy Good Works Fund

To provide Emanu El’s clergy with funds to help individuals in need and to support organizations that benefit the community

Aubrey & Sylvia Farb Community Service Fund

To support small and emerging organizations that improve life for underserved Houstonians

Jeanette Oshman Benevolent Fund

To support the Clergy’s Good Works Fund

Lillian Pasternak Mitzvah Fund

To support mitzvah projects that improve life for Houstonians

Edward Wayne Hunger Fund

To feed the hungry of Houston


To maintain and enhance Emanu El Memorial Park

To discuss your options around Endowed Giving, please contact Anna Shabtay, Director of Congregational Advancement, at annas@emanuelhouston.org or 713.987.3316.