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All programs, services and meetings at the synagogue have been moved to electronic platforms, postponed or canceled until further notice. Additional updates about postponed programs will be shared as dates are finalized.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Facebook page and videos posted are accessible to the public, including those who are not Facebook members. 

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Life Cycle

Our clergy continues to officiate at time-sensitive life cycle events, such as brit milah and graveside funeral services. In adherence to health guidelines, these ceremonies will be limited to immediate family members only. We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in preserving our community's well-being.


Reopening Plan

We want to share with you our plans for gradually reopening our building as safely as possible. Earlier this summer, we set up a task force to assemble our congregational plan. The task force is made up of congregants and staff with expertise in the medical, administrative, and human resource areas. After two months of research and deliberation, we are pleased to share these highlights with you.


In-Person Shabbat Worship

We are pleased to share that, as of Monday, October 19, Emanu El is permitted to allow limited in-person attendance for Friday night Shabbat worship. Congregants will be able to sign-up online or call to register for a limited number of available seats in the sanctuary. Please visit our In-Person Shabbat Reopening page for more information or to sign-up. This reopening will require screening upon entry into the building, and social distancing practices must be maintained. The safety of our members and guests is our top priority. If you have specific questions about this phase in our reopening plan, please do not hesitate to reach out to Executive Director David Lamden at


Becker School


Click here to view the Becker COVID-19 Handbook.
Click here to view the Parent Handbook.



Click here to view our school calendar.



Our teachers worked hard to create fun and educational content for you and your family to enjoy during the summer at times that are convenient for your family. 

CLICK HERE to explore Becker Bytes


  • Arts Alive! Facebook & Instagram
    These two social sites will carry posts with our videos from Arts Alive! TV and YouTube. These sites are widely used by so many people and we do our best to provide valuable videos as well as other helpful, joyful and meaningful content.
  • YouTube 
    We have had a YouTube channel for many years. It has kid content, staff interviews, teachers tips and much more. This is a great place for kids, teachers and parents to explore. There is a little something for everyone here!
  • Spotify: We have compiled our thematic playlists for all to enjoy! This is still a work in progress as we have over 50 themes! This is one of our most exciting offerings! For YEARS, teachers and parents have been asking us for our playlists and now, with apps like Spotify, we can finally give it to them!
  • CNN: Telling your kids about Coronavirus
  • PBS: How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus 

Helfman Religious School


Click here to view our school calendar.



We are pleased to present a series of videos and other multi-media content created by our Helfman Religious School faculty, staff and clergy. These recordings offer opportunities to see familiar faces, hear familiar words and songs, try some fun Jewish activities, practice Hebrew, and find comfort together in our ritual and liturgy. Find these videos by visiting our Facebook page and our YouTube channel!


  • Israel Studies Online Classes
    The Jewish National Fund is offering Israel studies online classes daily at noon (CST).
  • Beit Hatfutsot (all ages)
    The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv (a curriculum provider for our Confirmation class) has collected a variety of meaningful, easy activities to do and learn together while strengthening family connections. 
  • Ji Tap (all ages)
  • BimBam (all ages; includes parenting resources)
  • Prayer Tech (grades 5-6)
    Though not our usual curriculum (and may seem unfamiliar to some), this is a great resource from the publisher Torah Aura for improving prayer Hebrew. If you need assistance with setting up Prayer Tech, please contact Lucy at
  • National Museum of Jewish History (all ages)
    The National Museum of American Jewish History, provider of our 8th grade curriculum, provides free digital resources for all ages and backgrounds with virtual tours and collection explorations.
  • Let it Ripple (upper school) provides some of the resources for our freshman study of Jewish character values. Visit the website for further information, including a film on the science of character.
  • ChaiFlicks (all ages depending upon selection)
    Enjoy Jewish-themed films and entertainment free for 30 days.
  • Jewish Learning Matters (all ages)
    Jewish Learning Matters from the Rosenfeld Community of Practice has a wonderful variety of different categories of learning topics and subtopics - from Jewish values, the Torah to Jewish holidays. The online resources they have available for the public include songs and music, puzzles, games, recipes, craft projects and videos! The resources here are great for all ages.
  • JTeach offers articles on a wide range of Jewish topics.
  • I'm Gonna Stand Up (5th-ish graders)
    This website explores the main ideas behind the evening Amidah, the "standing" prayer.  Each blessing includes a Gold and Silver challenge, background videos, the chance to earn badges and become part of the I'm Gonna Stand Up photo gallery.
  • Jewish Women's Archive (upper school)
    "Can We Talk?" is a great, humorous podcast resource.
  • Center for Israel Education
    This resource offers various resources about modern Israel and its history.


Congregational Messages

July 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

As a follow up to our June communication regarding the High Holy Days (available online at, we want to share with you our plans for gradually reopening our building as safely as possible. ,/br> Earlier this summer, we set up a task force to assemble our congregational plan. The task force is made up of congregants and staff with expertise in the medical, administrative, and human resource areas. After two months of research and deliberation, we are pleased to share these highlights with you.


  • Four phases through which our building will gradually reopen to increasingly larger numbers of congregants and staff for gathering including: worship, office/administration, adult education, and meetings.
  • Current Phase 1 status (limited staff onsite at any given time, with other activities such as worship services taking place online) will move forward to Phases 2 – 4 upon meeting the two measures (described below) on the website.
  • Two measures required for moving forward, from one phase to the next: downward trends in (1) the numbers of new hospital admissions, and (2) percentage of COVID tests with positive results.  


  • Stay true to the “Emanu El way” by prioritizing the health and safety of our members, while ensuring that solutions will be fair, accessible, and equitable to all Emanu El congregants.
  • Minimize risk while accepting that no plan will completely eliminate all possible risks.
  • Ensure everyone who enters Emanu El remains as safe as possible. There will be mandatory rules (e.g. wearing masks, wellness screenings, social distancing, etc.).
  • Closely following advice of medical professionals and organizations (including CDC and institutional bodies of the Reform Movement), elected officials, and government agencies. Becker School, Helfman Religious School, and B’nei Mitzvah Reopening Plans are being developed separately and will be communicated to those families.

While further details of the Reopening Plan will be included in future communications, we know that many of you are very interested in two specific areas related to congregational worship:

  • Upon entering Phase 2, the clergy will lead services from Emanu El’s sacred spaces (barring unforeseen circumstances), while congregants continue to worship virtually.
  • During Phase 3, a limited number of congregants will be allowed to attend services in person.

We hope this initial communication provides help, and we are grateful for your partnership and support.


Oren J. Hayon, Senior Rabbi
Jeri Amundsen, President
David Lamden, Executive Director

Tue, August 3 2021 25 Av 5781